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EDM.com Spotlight

Comedy Duo Pokes Fun At Festival Scene In New Parody Series [VIDEO]

After meeting through the renowned improv comedy organization Upright Citizens Brigade, Megan Venzin and Steve Liski realized they both shared not only a passion for comedy, but festival going as well. The two decided to go to the 2014 Governor's Ball in NYC together with the brilliant idea to observe their fellow festival-goers, paying close attention to the most laughable nuances of festival culture as they raged face. Soon after, FEST the SERIES was born.

Taking their funny festival experiences from decades of going to events like Bonnaroo, Coachella, Mysteryland, Austin City Limits, Burning Man, Summer Camp and Holy Ship, the two created a hilarious parody show based on real events as it draws from the most memorable characters and silliest encounters around these festival grounds.

From hazy afternoons at campsites to spaced-out mornings at house music tents, their first season of FEST the SERIES will resonate with any festival-goer who enjoys laughing at the sometimes weird and absurd festival culture we all know and love.

Featuring music from GRiZ in the opening credits and animation from Tara Marie Jacobson, the videos star Megan Venzin and Steve Liski and were directed by Tyler Etheridge, Ian Stroud and Lou Gonzalez. Episode six also features original music by EDM duo Trillium.

Watch season one of FEST the SERIES below...

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