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Steve Aoki Shares The Concepts Behind His New Horror Film 'The Hive'

While Aoki was just named the No. 1 DJ in America by DJ Times, the cake-throwing, champagne-spraying DJ has been occupied with a project this summer that expanded his resume to know include movie executive producer.

The summer camp horror movie The Hive, presented by The Nerdist, hits theaters via Fathom Events. Ahead of the release, The Nerdist provided ComicBook.com with an exclusive featurette of the film featuring commentary from executive producer Steve Aoki and Nerdist chief Chris Hardwick.

Steve Aoki says, "Horror films seem to really go into the deepest part of your psyche," but The Hive is much more than a horror film, as it spans cinematic genres to bring a unique story that has not been done yet.

"Horror movies encourage and sometimes force people to be as inventive as possible," said Chris Hardwick, chief of The Nerdist.

"What drew me the most," Aoki said, "was the underlying concept of unlocking human potential to create this hive-like structure... and I got even more involved in the movie and worked with the composer that did the score of the film."

Watch the interview with Aoki and Hardwick intertwined with the movie trailer below...

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