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Steve Angello Takes Whole New Direction With Latest Remix 'Kamikaze'

Former member of Swedish House Mafia and founder of SIZE Records, Steve Angello recently released a new remix that gives us a feel for his upcoming studio release. Angello once again teamed up with SIZE artist and progressive house DJ AN21, this time to rework Susanne Sundfør's "Kamikaze."

Known to work with such acts as yksopp and M83, Norwegian pop singer Sundfør released the original track "Kamikaze" on her Ten Love Songs in February of this year.

The production work on this new remix solidifies Angello's new direction which he'll be unleashing in full with the release of his debut studio album Wild Youth. The "Kamikaze" remix and Angello's new musical direction can be characterized by an electro-synth driven electronic sound heavily influenced by rock music.

As Angello told Billboard in an interview this past spring, his new album will be a whole new sound for the producer, having been known for his big house productions.

"It’s not EDM. It’s dance music and it has vocals, but they aren't pop vocals and it's not formulaic."

Listen to Angello and AN21's new remix for yourself below...

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