EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Festival Promotes Social & Environmental Consciousness Through Music

Taking cues from boutique festivals like Lightning in A Bottle, Shambhala and Symbiosis, this exotic festival is bringing the eco-conscious festival scene to Asia in order to offer music lovers and festival-goers with experiences that will enrich their lives and the environment long after they leave the festival grounds.

As Thailand's first globally conscious and eco-friendly boutique camping music festival, Wonderfruit is returning to the breathtaking Fields at Siam Country in gorgeous Pattaya, Thailand to offer four days of amazing music and cross-cultural arts.

Performing across four stages is a lineup of international and local artists that include The Faint, The Submotion Orchestra, Howie B, Dapayk Solo, Desktop Error, Mahajamreon, Polycat and an incredibly special performance by Jon Hopkins x Chris Levine, among many others.

To empower and inspire festival-goers to embrace their creativity and personal responsibility, Wonderfruit also offers everything from health and wellness experiences to engaging talks and workshops on sustainability and other forward-thinking practices.

Last year, the festival had attendees travel from all over the globe. Check out the aftermovie from last year's festival, and then join the Wonderfruit family in making positive changes while basking in incredible music and art by securing your tickets here.

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