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EDM.com Spotlight

Bassnectar Premieres New Collab With Jantsen Exclusively On EDM.com

Bassnectar and Jantsen have teamed up to premiere an exclusive new track with EDM.com. Titled "Every Time," the new track features classic dubstep wobbles and driving two-step beats and is being released on Kairos Audio, the label founded by Jantsen and Dirt Monkey in 2013.

Kairos Audio is developing a diverse offering of bass music from dubstep and trap/booty bass to future bass and other bass-driven genres. In addition to this massive track (which Jantsen finally persuaded his buddy Lorin to release on Kairos after much convincing), the label has scheduled releases from various artists including Ruxell, Alex Sin, Tyro and Notixx.

Bassnectar and Jantsen previously collaborated on "Red Step" off 2011's Divergent Spectrum, "What" from Vava Voom and "Lost In The Crowd" feat. Zion I on 2014's NVSB. They also have a side project together called Locoja, which contributed a remix of "Lost In The Crowd" for the Noise vs. Beauty remix pack.

Their newest track exhibits a classic Bassnectar sound with slow riding two-step beats, dub vibes and the wub wub basses that characterized early American dubstep. A vocal sample shouts "Can you feel it?" in the background, as the driving bass screeches along head-nodding beats.

Listen to "Every Time," and then check out our exclusive interview with Jantsen below...

We had the chance to sit down with Jantsen and ask him a few questions about this new collab with Bassnectar.

As it pertains to songwriting, how did this experience working with Bassnectar differ from past experiences?

Well, most of the songs we do together are done through trading files back and forth through dropbox, however, the only way this track is different is because its a project we started 3 or 4 years ago and just decided to finish up recently.

Stylistically, how does a Bassnectar x Jantsen collab differ from a Locoja production?

We started Locoja specifically as an outlet to do our more melodic, sexy stuff, so anything we do as Bassnectar & Jantsen will definitely always be harder and dance floor driven. On a side note, we have lots of new Locoja music were working on currently that will hopefully be coming out soon.

When collaborating, what kind of sounds/style/workflow do you consistently impart so that you are confident in calling it a Jantsen production?

The most important parts of making a track for me are good samples, a catchy melody/hook and of course the bassline. After that, I usually aim for giving my tunes an upbeat or cheeky vibe. And that's a pretty classic Jantsen formula

What is your favorite aspect of the track and why?

My favorite aspect of the song is that it just has that classic "golden era" dubstep vibe that was very influential to the both of us. Not many people make that style of dubstep anymore so it basically just a nod back to an amazing era.

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