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EDM.com Spotlight

The DEA Are Cracking Down On Raves & Going Undercover At EDM Events

You may want to leave the party favors at home next time you plan to go raving. Drug Enforcement Agents made five arrests over Labor Day weekend at Nocturnal Wonderland in California, and the DEA has confirmed they worked with the San Bernardino Sheriff to ensure the safety of attendees at the event. The DEA's presence at Nocturnal Wonderland is related to the recent string of festival deaths that have occurred over the last several months, and this is the first of multiple appearances they will now be making at EDM events.

In a statement, Timothy Massino, a spokesperson for the DEA, explained that they are cracking down on EDM's drug problem, explaining that DEA agents are more likely to be attending raves and festivals moving forward.

"There's clearly a huge synthetic drug problem in the scene. It's rampantly distributed. Based on the increased prevalence of the stuff, I could see being asked to do this more often — to come out and assist with these operations. The state and local agencies are cracking down. If they invite us, odds are we're going to come play."

DEA officers have gone undercover at raves in prior years, and the high profile attention currently being given to EDM events in California, dubbed the War On EDM, is a contributing factor to DEA's presence at Norcturnal Wonderland over Labor Day weekend.

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