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Study Shows How Most Americans Are Listening To & Discovering Music

According to Nielsen's Music 360 2015 report, 91 percent of Americans listen to music. That's more than 24 hours a week of music listening. While this is not too surprising and also not drastically different from last year, how the national population is consuming music is what's changing, and this is what's most interesting about this year's report.

Increasing by 12 percent from last year, nearly 75 percent of Americans listen to music online. More are streaming music than ever, and the number streamed is up nearly 90 percent. Last year, 164 billion tracks were streamed online via audio and video platforms, while 135 billion were streamed in just the first half of 2015 alone!

One of the most interesting numbers gathered from this year's Nielsen report are those related to how Americans are discovering music. Radio is still the number one source for the national population when it comes to discovering new music.

"Radio continues to be the No. 1 source of music discovery in the U.S, with 61% of respondents saying they find out about new music from AM/FM or satellite radio, a 7% increase over last year. Word of mouth is also important, particularly for teens: 65% say they discover new music through family and friends, well above the average of 45%."

But more and more Americans are also discovering music through live events with 12 percent saying this has become an outlet for broadening their music horizons, which is 70 percent more than last year.

Nearly one-half of all the money the national population spends on music is going towards live events now, as 50 percent say they've attended a live event and 11 percent say the've attending a music festival in the past year. Out of all the festival-goers, Millennials comprise around 44 percent.

Finally, while most choose festivals based on lineup, more than 60 percent pick which festivals based on price of tickets and proximity to where they live.

Source: Nielsen.com

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