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Porter Robinson Releases Galimatias' Remix Of His 'Sea Of Voices'

Earlier today, Porter Robinson released the second track from his upcoming Worlds Remixed album. This new track by Denmark producer Galamatias is a remix of Porter's "Sea Of Voices," the 10th track from the original 2014 Worlds album. Robinson took to twitter to announce the new remix, which is now available online for streaming.

Galamatias infuses elements of future bass and live instrumentation into his remix, opening with a jazzy piano progression and giving the vocals from the original more time to shine in the spotlight.

Eruptions of bubbling synths and groovy slap bass pop into the mix, serving as the "drops" in the dreamy, downtempo remix. Galamatias shifts the original's ambient story telling into a magical lullaby.

Talking about working on the remix with Spin, the producer reveals the challenge of remixing a song like "Sea of Voices."

I don’t know what I was thinking picking 'Sea of Voices.’ The song is such a cinematic journey in itself; it could never be outdone in the feeling it evokes. So I had to take it in a completely different direction.

Listen to the new "Sea of Voices" remix below...

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