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EDM Duo's 'Jihad Love Squad' Addresses Muslim Stigma In America [VIDEO]

Yesterday the internet lit up with controversy surrounding a young boy Ahmed Mohamed who was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school which was confused for a bomb, clearly a result of Western bias towards people of Arabic descent and the constant negative portrayal of that ethnic group as terrorists. After the incident was resolved, the 14-year-old was met with overwhelming support, including a tweet from President Obama inviting him to visit the White House and applauding his ingenuity.

After the controversial events began to calm down and Ahmed was cleared of his charges, he gave an inspiring speech regarding his experiences.

Ahmed's treatment has forced American society to re-examine its relationship with Islam and Arabic people. Experimental hip hop and EDM duo N.A.S.A. recently released a song and accompanying music video called "Jihad Love Squad" that we found particularly timely and poignant as it touches on these issues.

The video takes Islamic stereotypes regarding terrorism and flips them on their head. In a comment, N.A.S.A. explained the motivation behind the creative endeavor.

"I’ve been really interested in the polarization of the West and the world of Islam. I think it’s one of the more terrible and fascinating societal currents taking place in our world right now. Much like what happened here in the Cold War with Communism, I think that the Muslim community has become the sensationalized villains of the new millennium for Western media."

Check out the video below...

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