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EDM.com Spotlight

Rebel Radio Ep. 14: The Baka Boyz - Stay In Your Lane

Changing The Sound of LA Radio, A Rebel's Story

Rebel Radio is a weekly podcast, hosted by your humble servant, exploring the relationship between art and business in underground culture. Through interviews with creative entrepreneurs who have shaped the roots and future of the underground, we uncover what it takes to build and sustain a career out of making art. Rebel Radio is presented in partnership with EDM.com.

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Nick V. says I'm guarded.

He might be right. But next to him, everyone seems guarded. He’s the outgoing half of a brother-brother duo who has dominated the airwaves in Los Angeles and around the country for nearly two decades. After moving from nearby Bakersfield, the Vidal brothers changed the sound of LA radio, from the mix show to the morning drive. They introduced Tito — one of LA’s most beloved characters — and helped to discover Big Boy, who would go on to run the morning show for 18 years. Their new show, The Hip Hop Master Mix, is syndicated in over 30 markets.

They’ve been important contributors to the Latin hip hop scene, collaborating with OG’s like Mellow Man Ace, ALT, and Lighter Shade of Brown. They also produced the hit single “Pistol Grip Pump” for Volume 10.

Perhaps most impressively, they still talk to each other after all these years. Their secret: Stay in your lane. Nick does what he does; Eric does what he does. They also seek outside help from time to time.

Learn more about their impressive career path, as well as adventures with Pitbull, MC Hammer, and more.

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