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EDM.com Spotlight

Experience Burning Man From A True Adventurist's Point Of View [VIDEO]

Burning Man has one of the more unique formats for a music festival, with its exotic desert setting, its fleet of strangely designed art cars, and of course its finale display in which a giant man is burned to signal the end of the event each year. One burner has uploaded some awesome GoPro footage of his experience at Burning Man this year, and the results are pretty spectacular.

Prepare to view the Playa in a whole new perspective as the video takes us on a first person journey from thousands of feet above the Nevada desert, as the GoPro documents the burner's epic skydiving journey and adventures around the desert camps.

From the aerial view of black rock city to the magical moments around the desert camps and art installations, the video serves as a fascinating fan made aftermovie for the festival.

See for yourself by watching the video below...

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