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Skrillex Previews Brand New Track During London Performance [VIDEO]

During a performance in London at Nest, EDM's busiest producer and DJ Skrillex dropped a never before heard track into his live set and the whole thing was captured on camera by a fan. The short video was uploaded to Youtube, giving fans a taste of new music from one of dance music's most revered artists.

The lo-fi preview of the new track lasts about half a minute, giving us a preview of the new song's drop which features the trap beats that have come to dominate much of Skrillex's recent work, though his signature modern talking growl bass carves out an infectious rhythm in the pounding sub kicks.

Just before the clip ends, we can hear a melodic section begin to play, featuring a bell sound similar to the one he used in his remix of "Cinema." The preview is short, but its definitely enough to get us excited for whatever Skrillex is cooking up.

Check out the preview below:

[H/T: TheBanginBeats]

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