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These Guys Dressed Up As Girls & Went To A Festival For Comedy's Sake [WATCH]

A new video titled Girls At EDM Festivals is going viral on Facebook, poking fun at all the hilarious mannerisms some female festival-goers exhibit at those types of events. Featuring a rocking soundtrack of "Gold Skies" by Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix and DVBBS, this comedic video is the perfect way to celebrate what makes our estrogen fueled raver friends so great.

The video features three Vine stars in drag as they channel their inner festival goddess by dancing carelessly, having squirt gun fights, trying and failing at sneaking into the VIP area, and hitting the porta potty together as a group.

Girls At EDM Festivals is a playful parody of the female festival experience, and let's be honest; it's always funny to watch men dress up as women.

Watch the video below...

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