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EDM.com Spotlight

Avicii Gives Rare Interview, Talks Ibiza, Castles & DJing Weddings

Fans already know that interviews with Avicii are far and few between, and since he's been working hard on his second studio album, Stories, there was likely not much time and energy for them. But in honor of the album's upcoming release, Avicii, agreed to appear on Dev's BBC Radio 1 program on August 27, the day before he released his double single.

After thanking Avicii for the rare interview, Dev went on to ask about his life as a megastar DJ including where he finds himself writing music, what he does to feel "normal" and his other hobbies and passions.

They go on to talk about DJing weddings. Avicii, of course, gets asked by friends and family to DJ special occasions but, as he explains, he often has to regretfully turn them down because they can be even more pressure than the biggest gigs he plays.

Finally, they play a little trivia game where Avicii guesses what superstar DJ's have more followers. Listen to the full BBC Radio 1 interview with Avicii as the Big Thursday Guest below...

Check out Avicii's two singles just released from his new album, and then pre-order Stories here.

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