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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch DJ's Answer Funny Questions In New Golf Cart Confessions [VIDEO]

One of EDM's biggest brands with massive festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, Insomniac Events just dropped a new episode of Golf Car Confessions, a Youtube series that sees top notch DJs asking random questions while being driven around in a golf cart. The latest episode features the likes of Hardwell, Tiësto, Carl Cox and more.

When asked to describe what his superpower would be if he could choose one, Graham Funke reveals some interesting insight about a fellow superstar DJ.

"I heard that Tiësto said his superpower is that he's Tiësto. That's the word around the campfire. Maybe my superpower is I wanna be Tiësto."

Tiësto reveals the strangest item on his tour rider, a document that tells event organizers what items they need to provide their talent with backstage.

"A representable dog. It means they have to bring a dog to my dressing room."

Hardwell reveals his biggest confession is his fondness for a genre outside of the EDM he is known for.

"A lot of people are always surprised I'm a big fan of hip hop music since I'm an EDM DJ." The interviewer then asks him who is favorite rapper is. "At this point, definitely Drake."

Hear more silly questions and DJ responses by watching the full episode below...

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