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LA County Builds 'Electronic Music Task Force' As War On EDM Continues

As Los Angeles continues to wage its war on EDM following the deaths of two teenage girls at HARD Summer fest, the Los Angeles County Board Of Supervisors voted unanimously yesterday to appoint a task force on dance music. Dubbed the "Electronic Music Task Force," the organization seeks to provide support on making dance events and festivals safer.

Hilda Solis, L.A. County Supervisor, made the following statement regarding the implementation of the task force.

"I want to emphasize that our efforts around this motion, above all, are about the health and safety of those attending these events."

The task force will deliver their first report within four months, and will "develop recommendations for enforceable health and safety measures and procedures, that would be required for all electronic music festivals on County-owned property."

It was also stated during the motion to organize a task force that a total ban on EDM in the county "remains a possibility."

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