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NERO Talks New Album, Live Show & Taking Cues From Rock Music

As the release date of Nero's sophomore album Between II World's looms closer, the trio sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss their upcoming tour and live show, the increasing presence of Alana Watson as the group's front-woman, and the secret behind their distinctive sound.

Alana describes the transition from part-time vocalist to full on front-woman of the band.

"I was working as a midwife whilst recording Welcome Reality, and then 'Promises' and the album reached Number One in the U.K. charts and my midwife colleagues went crazy saying, "Why are you still working here?" Next thing I knew, I was on tour with the boys and we've been touring and recording ever since. As I recorded more vocals, my presence on stage naturally increased and it seemed to work. I get the feeling that the crowd really vibe off being able to interact with me which is a different feel to how the boys portray themselves up their on their podium."

Daniel Stephens talks about their ever-evolving live show that they'll be taking on the road in support of their upcoming new album Between II Worlds.

"The live show is really a cinematic journey though our music enhanced by immersive lighting and visuals. A theatrical aspect is always very important to us and is something we're constantly developing. We also want to evoke a series of emotions whilst giving our fans what they want to hear from our past and current work. Some of the new album stuff is more downbeat and emotional so we're looking forward to integrating that with the heavier stuff. There will be some live instrumentation as well."

Joe Ray discusses the group's range of influences, combining elements of stadium rock and dance music to bring the best of both musical worlds.

"I think we have the sound we do because we have a really broad field of taste and influences. Growing up we loved both and still do, and try to capture elements of rock and electronic in everything we do. We find it exciting to blur the boundary between the two."

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