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Watch Funny Or Die Troll EDM Movie 'We Are Your Friends' [VIDEO]

After month's of speculation, the coming of age EDM film "We Are Your Friends" starring Zac Efron as an aspiring DJ received its theatrical debut, with one of the least successful opening weekends in cinema history. EDM fans damned the film on social media upon the release of its first trailer, and its poor ticket sales cemented its status as an utter flop.

The film has now received the troll treatment, courtesy of Funny Or Die. Taking some of the most lambasted cuts from the official trailer, Funny Or Die re-purposes the sequences as ultimate DJ fails, cueing the "Hokey Pokey" as stand-in drops for comical effect.

The results poke fun at the film's cheesy appropriation of EDM cultures most mainstream trends, acting as the only version of the film we can recommend to dance music fans.

Check out Funny or Die's troll treatment below...

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