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Diplo Reveals Upcoming Collabs, Talks Radio Shows & More [VIDEO]

Diplo sat down with Billboard at iHeartRadio Fest to talk about upcoming collaborations, the great success he's seen so far in 2015, and why radio is cooler now than it ever has been before.

Diplo talks about the last year and all the success he has seen in 2015.

"The last year has been crazy, I never could have expected it. But I worked hard all 2014 and put out a bunch of records this year. We just saw where they landed and I think that they all kind of complimented each other. A lot of surprises like Bieber or Major Lazer, but I don't really think about what happened, I just wanna make more music."

He also discusses changes that have occurred in the radio, as the line between pop and EDM continues to blur

"Radio just got a lot cooler this year. You can't really on the superstars anymore, you have to rely on great songs. I think some of the stars have great songs, but sometimes you might have guys coming out of nowhere, like me and Skrillex or even the Major Lazer project. I think we have moved towards pop the last couple years, and I think pop has moved towards us as well.

Lastly, Diplo reveals some upcoming collaborations.

"I mean lots of artists, everybody from The Weeknd, to like I said Justin [Bieber], to Travis Scott, Sia, people I've worked with in the past and just trying to work with on my next Major Lazer album, because I think people are expecting some big records again, so we’re back in the studio.

Watch the video below:

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