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Watch Deadmau5 Take Darude On One Of His Famous Coffee Runs

Deadmau5 is back with his famous coffee runs, this time inviting the one and only Darude to come along for the ride. The Finnish producer responsible for one of EDM's most legendary songs "Sandstorm" recently ended an eight-year hiatus with his new album, Moments, as well as a massive tour.

Joel Zimmeran gives Darude a tour around his countryside locale as Darude talks about his own old neighborhood. As they ride along in deadmau5's Purracan aka Lamborghini Hurracan (marking the first coffee run shot in the supercar), the two producers talk technology, TV shows, production equipment, cars and snowboarding, among other things.

The discussion does land on his hit song "Sandstorm" to which Darude says,

"I love playing it... Contrary to what people believe, I still like the track. I’m not tired of it. What I’m sometimes tired of is that [with] every reporter, every interview, that’s the main question always… I like to think that I’ve done plenty of other good stuff as well."

Darude joins the list of coffee run guests that includes Eric Prydz, Skrillex, Dillon Francis, Zedd, Infected Mushroom and most recently Kristian Nairn aka Hodor of The Game Of Thrones.

Watch the full episode dubbed "Dacoffee - Rustorm" below...

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