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EDM.com Spotlight

TomorrowWorld Day 1: EDM.com Editor's Recommended Schedule

TomorrowWorld Festival is renowned for the diverse array of artists it brings to Atlanta, Georgia each year. With nearly 180 acts performing in 2015's gathering, there's no limit to the sounds that will be delivered across the festival's eight unique stages each day.

With so much potential for a varied sonic experience, it would be a crime to keep yourself at a single stage throughout the weekend, let alone cater it around acts you've already seen at similar jamborees. This week, we'll be highlighting seven acts that should be on your radar each day at TomorrowWorld so you can truly make the most of the wide-ranging talent available.

Friday kicks things off with stages curated by Smash The House, Potion, Huh What & Where, Q-Dance, Drumcode, Full On, and It's A Trap, and trap fans are going to be thriving in the 808-dominated schedule throughout the day. Check out our seven acts to see on Friday below:

1. Leah Culver (12-1pm, It's A Trap)

Leah Culver first generated a following in her hometown of Atlanta under the alias MK Ultra, and since her transition she has broadened her fan base past The A and into cities nation-wide. With a string of successful performances and releases in the trap-osphere, her exclusive TomorrowWorld mix showcases everything this multi-talented bass aficionado has to offer.

2. Mike Mago (1:30-3pm, Potion)

The Netherlands has always been a hotbed for EDM, and Mike Mago is one of the best ambassadors that the country has to offer in this field. His unique ability in generating tropical, progressive, and deep house anthems has placed him in a well-respected place amongst artists and fans alike, and his set at TomorrowWorld is going to be nothing short of an eclectic journey through catchy four-on-the-floor hits.

3. Ricky Remedy (2-3pm, It's A Trap)

Anyone who considers themselves a "trap fan" can admit to crossing paths with Miami's Ricky Remedy. This established producer and DJ has worked alongside some of the biggest acts in EDM today including Flosstradamus, Diplo, Bro Safari, Heroes x Villains, and more, and his crazy streak of releases in the last six months is sure to set the tone for an epic performance at TW this year.

4. DrewsThatDude (3-4pm, Huh What & Where)

HW&W is one of the industry's premiere labels for the future bass/R&B/synthwave scene, and DrewsThatDude is a staple to the label's distinctive sound. His songs are more relative to orchestral compositions than electronically-produced projects, and his live set will propel anyone listening into a haze filled with sensual beats and groovy soundscapes.

5. NGHTMRE (4-5pm, It's A Trap)

Few artists have encapsulated the motto "0-100 real quick" quite like NGHTMRE. He's produced everything from hybrid trap to bass house to dubstep and more, and his set at TomorrowWorld this year is set to break the norm of every other performance at the festival. His anthem "Street" has found its place as one of 2015's biggest hits to date, and he'll be celebrating his momentous year in full force at TW.

6. Ida Engberg (5-6:30pm, Drumcode)

Techno, minimal, tech house - these words might formally describe Ida Engberg's sound on the charts, but there are truly no terms in any language that can explain the experience that she creates in her live performances. From one song to another, her ability to create mesmerizing grooves and entrancing patterns is otherworldly, and her set will undoubtedly give fans goosebumps as the day turns to night.

7. DJ Diesel (8-9pm, It's A Trap)

There's thousands of reason to see The Big Aristotle aka Superman aka Shaquille O'Neill perform on a stage at TomorrowWorld this year, but more than anything we're just excited to see him do this on stage:


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