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EDM.com Spotlight

Blood Rave With The Crystal Method Is Coming To Comic Con [VIDEO]

A month ago, EDM.com was one of the first US-based publications to report about an outrageous techno event going down in Amsterdam on Halloween: A real life blood rave. Inspired by the 1998 film Blade, the rave is being held in a "discrete location," and the promoters - who chose to remain anonymous - had invented a sprinkler system in hopes of being able to use real blood (read more here).

Now, the US is getting its own blood rave. Those horrified by the idea of a real blood rave will be relieved to know that this event, however, is using synthetic blood.

The organizers of New York Comic Con have announced what they are calling New York Superweek, a series of events around the city specifically designed for Convention attendees like X-Files Trivia and live podcasts.

One of these events will be the Blade Rave at the Terminal 5 music venue in Hell's Kitchen. Production company BBQ Films will be recreating this famous movie scene into a live experience complete with blood rain, professional dancers and actors in full vampire rave attire. Deacon Frost will raise La Magra the Blood God and attendees will even be able to hangout in Frost's lair.

In addition to a screening of Blade, there will be a special live musical performance by The Crystal Method.

The Blade Rave will take place during New York Comic Con on Friday, October 9th. For more information head over to the New York Comic Con website here.

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