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EDM.com Spotlight

Diplo Drops Lo-Fi Recording Of Hip Hop & House Set At Burning Man

From Skrillex's rare house set to Susan Sarandon's ceremonial spreading of Timothy Leary's ashes, this year's Burning Man left the EDM world and the music and counterculture communities at large with many a highlights to sit with.

Both Skrillex and Diplo were all over the Black Rock Desert, playing surprise solo, Jack Ü and Major Lazer sets around the playa. While a video of Skrillex's house set surfaced, no other videos or audio have come to light, until yesterday. Just for fun, Diplo uploaded one of his DJ sets played from the Iguana Art Car at Burning Man to his Soundcloud.

The Burning Man upload is a lo-fi phone recording, which may be interesting to some while annoying to others, especially because it includes tons of banter. But for those that find the antics funny or are otherwise able tune them out, the recording captures a cool Diplo DJ set that includes everything from old school and West Coast hip hop to classic house to psych-rock and even Motown.

Listen to Diplo's Iguana Car set below...

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