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EDM.com Spotlight

Kaskade Talks His Favorite Festival And Celebrity DJs With Larry King

Kaskade got together with legendary journalist and TV host Larry King for an interview, and discussed a rang of topics including his pick for the best music festival, as well as touching on the EDM issue of the celebrity DJ.

King questions Kaskade about his favorite festival, and the producer and DJ reveals that Coachella is his top pick.

"It's the music lovers festival. The programming's always been extremely progressive, they put everything on from rock or hip-hop to electronic music. I think coming from my world they've always been extremely welcoming of electronic music which is cool. For me to play the mainstage this year was just one of those huge moments. There's not a lot of festivals in the world that will do that. Coachella's been very progressive that way."

Kaskade also weighs in on the controversial issue of the celebrity DJ, specifically talking about Paris Hilton's attempt to become a DJ.

"Paris is a friend, and she would come to my shows and come and hang out. I think a lot of people that are getting into the DJ world cuz its so popular now, I think ultimately it makes me look better because this is what I dedicated my life's work to."

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