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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To Major Lazer's Sunset DJ Set From Burning Man

Major Lazer's Sunset performance from Burning Man has hit the internet, and is available for streaming from the trio's official Souncloud profile. Major Lazer dropped an exclusive Roots set, packed to the brim with easy going vibes and reggae music to accompany the evening's end.

Staving off the dance music hallmarks that frequently punctuate their sound, Major Lazer promotes a breezy mood as the lazy Caribbean sounds spill through the speakers. Meant to evoke an easy going feeling rather than incite non-stop energy, the Sunset set stands out for its commitment to maintaining a vibe and not a BPM. Diplo himself commented on the set.

"My favorite set that we played this year at Burning Man was at Robot Heart. It was probably the only set that I really prepared for with Walshy Fire. I'll be honest I was a lil nervous because I really wanted to make it run with energy for the full two hours and our typical audience isn't that used to a classic dub and reggae set. Myself and the whole RH crew wanted to create something really special for a sunset party and keep it true to the theme but to still feel like a Robot Heart set."

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Major Lazer's Sunset Burning Man set...

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