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Skrillex Drops Hip-Hop Collab With The Game

Skrillex is one of the most diverse producers working in EDM, and has proven his willingness time and time again to dabble in new genres and adopt different styles in his productions.

This year we've seen him put EDM on the backburner, dabbling in radio pop with his Jack Ü side project and dropping straight hip-hop tracks such as his collab on "No Chill" with Vic Mensa. Skrillex has now teamed up with rapper The Game on a new track titled "El Chapo", a reference to the real life Mexican drug lord who is currently on the run.

The track features samples from Latin music, with a repeating horn loop and booming trap beats as The Game raps about being "the God" and other gangster cliches. There are a few glimpses of Skrillex's trademark bass work, but there is little here to indicate the EDM producer had a hand in the track's creation.

Fans of Skrillex's classic dubstep work won't find much to enjoy here, but if liked "No Chill" you'll likely find the new track satisfying enough.

[H/T: TheFader]

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