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EDM.com Spotlight

Become An Ambassador Of Tomorrowland

Here's your chance to become a Tomorrowland ambassador. The massive festival outfit is looking towards its own community, the "People of Tomorrow", to join them in celebration of the launch of its first clothing store ever.

Moving into the heart of Antwerp's fashion district, the new boutique clothing store will open its doors October 1st.

To run the store, Tomorrowland is giving fans the chance to make their mark on the festival brand and help open the store. Ambassadors will help run the store from October 1st until January 3rd, and will help bring the Tomorrowland FW '15-'16 fashion collection to the people of tomorrow.

If you are free this coming October 1st, you can register here to become an ambassador of Tomorrowland for your country by explaining why you are a part of the people of tomorrow.

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