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Just How Much Does TomorrowWorld Boost Atlanta's Economy?

It's pretty well known by now that EDM has grown into a hugely successful international industry, fueled by digital downloads, DJ gigs, and festival after festival sporting top tier headliners. Atlanta, Georgia has anxiously awaited their share of the profits as TomorrowWorld, the American sister festival to Belgium's Tomorrowland, begins its festivities this weekend.

TomorrowWorld has an extremely positive effect on Atlanta's local economy, drawing in big bucks to local services and vendors in the region as 160,000 people pour into the city each year for the major festival. From airports to the local farmland that hosts TomorrowWorld, the festival stimulates many aspects of the economy as all those people pay for food, lodging, and transportation.

Last year, locals attending the festival spent an average of $97 per day, while tourists spent $148 a day, resulting in an economic impact of $72 million. Few other events in the region can boast the numbers that TomorrowWorld does.

TomorrowWorld's Project Director Jamie Reilly expects that number to grow by as much as 20 percent this year, and the festival implemented a vendor fair this year to ensure that money stays local, giving regional businesses the chance to participate in bringing the event to life. In a comment, Reilly explains that the show just keeps getting bigger and bigger:

The past two years, we had eight stages, and this year we have nine. The main stage will have a much bigger and much more complex technical and logistical setup, and that will require a lot more staff. We’ll also need more staff to support bigger attendance.

Another representative of the festival, Brooke Lochore, commented on the effect TomorrowWorld can have on local business:

In one weekend they do the amount of sales a larger grocery store would do in a week. A business can make its entire year with TomorrowWorld.

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