EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

7 Things Everyone With A DJ Friend Has Heard Before

Everyone has a DJ friend nowadays. Whether they're touring the world playing 10,000-person venues or simply dropping the bass in their bedroom, they all share a common goal of changing the world with music.

Thanks to social media, we're able to document all of the outrageous things that DJs have become accustomed to saying. For better and for worse, here are seven things every friend of a DJ has heard them say:

1. "Check out my Soundcloud fam"

2. Oh, you mean Sonny?

3. "Tryna Ableton & chill?"

4. "I can’t decide which black shirt to wear..."

5. "I’m only going if I’m on the list"

6. Can I get a ride to the airport?

7. "Have you seen my USB?"

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