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Watch The First English Language Trailer For Daft Punk Unchained [VIDEO]

The first English language trailer for Daft Punk Unchained, a documentary that details the iconic french house duo's history, has finally hit the internet.

The documentary was released on french TV earlier this year, much to the annoyance of English speaking Daft Punk fans, who were left in the dark without a subtitle to spare.

In the trailer, we see hordes of people donning the iconic robot masks, images of the band in the 90's wearing bags over their heads in interviews to preserve their anonymity, as well as key figures related to the band such as Nile Rodgers, Paul Williams, Pharrell Williams, and Kanye West. The trailer ends by stating that the film will be released around the world before the close of 2015.

Watch the trailer below:

[H/T: Beatport]

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