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EDM.com Spotlight

EDM's Busiest Ghost Producer Tells All In New Interview

EDM's busiest ghost producer Maarten Vorwerk recently sat down with Wonderland In Rave to give a comprehensive interview, detailing the earliest days of his career, his favorite producers, and why he chooses to work as a ghost producer.

Vorwerk recounts how he got his start as a producer:

"In 2001 I started working in the warehouse of a record company. Delivering Vinyls and CD’s to stores all over Holland. In that time I worked in the warehouse during the day and made music in the studio at night. I’ve put out some Trance songs back then. But what really got things started was a remix I did for Benny Benassi’s – Satisfaction in 2002-2003. After that I got the opportunity to release lots of other stuff on the record companies labels. It was an ideal situation since I was packing up and delivering my own vinyl and cd’s. In 2005 I quit the warehouse job and started producing full time as a “professional”."

Vorwerk explains why he prefers the anonymity being a ghost producer affords him to putting himself in the limelight:

"I love being in the studio and creating stuff. That is who I am and what I do. For me that’s the best way to present yourself."

He also gives some background on what his productions are worth, and how long the average track takes to complete:

"I think you are referring to money here? Well I can tell you that I don’t charge as much as some of the Top DJ’s are getting for a gig. Production time depends on a lot of things.That’s really hard to say. If I have a good amount of inspiration you could say one week to finish a full track on average."

Vorwerk describes life as a successful ghost producer as well, explaining that it's not a bad way to get by:

"The life is good, especially here in Aruba where it’s always nice weather and you can always go to the beach. If you combine that with a lot of studio time you basically describe a perfect life. However being a producer is still a very tough career. There is always some form of pressure. People expect a lot of you and you always have to deliver. Same goes for a DJ. Although a DJ can play the same set while I have to create something new every time. I love it if a track becomes a hit. It’s great to see and hear all the positive reactions and to hear your tracks on the radio. My name is still in the credits though, so that’s enough recognition for me. I do appreciate it when a DJ mentions me a co-producer in interviews or whatever."

Lastly, Vorwerk reveals his top three favorite producers:

"Well I don’t really listen to DJ sets. So it would be better to ask me for the three best (dance) producers. In that case I would say, Adam Richard Wiles, Thomas Wesley Pentz (Diplo) and Giorgio Tuinfort."

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