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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out This Week's Angelic 808s With Keys N Krates, Audien & More

As electronic music’s popularity continues to reach new heights, there’s a growing desire for something new. Fans and artists alike are constantly hungering for whatever comes next in the trap scene, and the "future" has answered.

A new wave of euphoric and encapsulating music has caught fire, and the boundaries of its 808-laden sound has yet to slow it down. Here are 10 tracks that are riding their way into our playlists as the most Angelic 808's of the week:

10. "Idfc (Tarro Remix)" - Blackbear

If you didn’t care before, you should now. Tarro did a superb job with this remix. The track truly maintains the fidelity of the original, and the lyrics are represented well in the mood that his production sets. “Idfc” eases into a mellow ride before bursting into sweeping, emotional chords. R&B has never been so smooth.

9. "Another Love ft. CAYO" - Linier

It’s always refreshing to find tracks that stray from the formula. This gem by Linier sheds its house foundation as it reaches its apex and really shines as the beat slows down. “Another Love” is an easy ride, sprinkled with humble high hats and groovy future house vibes.

8. "Indigo" - Moonwalker

Moonwalker’s latest tune is nothing less than happiness personified. The melody is immediately gripping, and accompanies an arrangement that never leaves you bored. “Indigo” opens on a high note before taking a step back. The energy ramps back up and the track truly excels while vibe-y vocal chops take control.

7. "Pharaohs ft. Voyageur" - Audien

Fans of Audien will recognize this as a departure from the sound he has come to be known for. The song’s introduction feels like familiar territory, but surprises you in the best way when it drops. The slow, minimal bass stands out against melodic, upbeat synth plucks.

6. "Residuum" - Slom

Gentle humming slowly surfaces in your speakers. A hushed, dreamy melody and simple, clean high hats carry “Residuum” into an ambient, distanced sound. The song jazzes up momentarily before giving way to cascading synths over an 808 kick. Slom already put in all the work. All you have to do is close your eyes and drink it in.

5. "Hold Me Close" - Craves

Summer is reaching its conclusion, but the sunny vibes are real in this one. “Hold Me Close” has the rhythmic variety of trap and the beach hippie mojo of tropical house. Craves may be on to something here. The song covers a lot of ground, encapsulating several realms of electronic and never stepping too far in any direction. It’s a keeper.

4. "She" - Sober Rob

As water falls in the background, a soft-spoken piano solo welcomes you to “She.” This creation by Sober Rob flirts with the strange but never fully takes the dive. As the song progresses it takes on all varieties of influence, sampling an eclectic array of sounds. While certainly bearing resemblance to his more experimental work, this track has a certain nuance to it that can’t be placed.

3. "Save Me feat. Katy B (Naderi Remix)" - Keys N Krates

Naderi is making noise with his latest release. It’s a remix of “Save Me” by Keys N Krates, and it’s fresh as hell. Revving, powerful chords are this track’s gospel, complimented by speedy drum work and topped off with Katy B’s expert vocals. Something tells us we haven’t seen the last of Naderi.

2."Take Me" - Stel Leo & Spaces

Apparently when Stel Leo and Spaces collaborate they create beautiful music babies. “Take Me” is a soothing, blissful ode with a modest dose of bass. The producers’ selective use of instrumental sounds and incorporation of Sarah De Warren’s voice make for a pretty package.

1. "Cyclical feat. SPZRKT (Saturn Remix)" - Daktyl

Daktyl’s tune takes a whimsical turn with Saturn’s twist on the mellow, trappy original. “Cyclical” creeps in from a dark place, but doesn’t stay there long. Precise cymbals and oscillating synths carry the track before pitching SPZRKT’s vocals. Saturn has one last trick up his sleeve, switching it up one last time with a massive, progressive finish.

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