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Game Of Thrones Star Kristian Nairn Talks New Music, How He Got His DJ Start & More

Game Of Thrones star Kristian Nairn, famous for playing the loveable giant Hodor, has been making waves in the EDM world as word began to spread that he produces and DJ's on the side. Nairn has picked up speed with his DJ career, announcing the Rave Of Thrones tour last year and traveling from city to city to bring his particular brand of dance music to the masses.

In a recent interview with This Song Slaps, Nairn discussed his beginnings as a DJ, new music, and his favorite Game of Thrones tribute costume he saw at one of his shows.

The TV star turned DJ describes how he first got into DJing, revealing a long history of music stemming from his early childhood:

"I’ve been playing and singing since I was 3 years old , so I honestly can’t remember I time when music and / or performance weren’t a part of my life. I was a pretty introverted kid and teenager and I found my escape and emotion outlet and expression in music. I remember watching DJs in clubs and being blown away by the reaction they got and confidence they seemed to have. I was that kid who would drag his friends to his bedroom as say ” listen to this piece of music ( maybe only 10 secs ) ” and I would want them to hear why I was so excited. So I guess I get to do that now on a bigger scale and thankfully more successfully than my friends ever reacted lol."

He also talks about how he manages to juggle his acting and music careers so seamlessly:

"Honestly, it’s tough sometimes to keep everything in the air. Recently it’s thanks to Red Bull tropical and a case full of vitamin supplement , which I’m positive don’t do any good haha. I think it’s so important not to half ass anything. Always make sure you are proud of your work and not have the “that’ll do ” mentality."

Nairn reveals the future of his music project, commenting that he has nearly an album completed:

"Well, I have nearly an albums worth of material ready to go. I’m pacing the releases though, as I said earlier , things need to be right, and I want to do a little more work on a few of the tracks. Some More collaborations and some of the other tracks go down a slightly different path, and veer more into progressive and a little electro too. Exciting times."

Lastly, Nairn recounts a fan interaction at one of his shows that left an impression on him, describing a Game Of Thrones fans who attended his concert in an awesome costume:

"Drag Hodor was the one that sticks out in my mind. Haha. Very tall , awesome girl dressed in full rabbit furs complete with battle scars and everything. Wonderful stuff."

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