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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out This Awesome Acoustic Cover Of Major Lazer's 'Lean On'

We EDMers may prefer our robotic rhythms and bleeps and bloops, but it's hard to deny good music no matter the medium. One of the best cultural elements to surface in the evolution of social media is the enhanced ability for fans and musicians to interact through remixes, covers and mashups. One such impressive example is a new cover of Major Lazer's song of the summer "Lean On" by guitarist Peter Kravarik who reimagined it as a beautiful acoustic number.

The cover features a lone guitar player re-interpreting the familiar melodies of the hit song, infusing the chords with finger-picked tones and slapped rhythms. "Lean On" features a pretty organic song structure compared to many of its contemporaries, allowing it to transpose beautifully onto the stringed instrument, as the young guitarist plucks and strums away.

Check out the guitar cover below...

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