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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week Feat. SKisM, Jayceeoh & More

10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 51

10. EH!DE X Soltan - Going To FAK

Welcome back to your #1 vendor for dirty drop splendor. A dubstep sanctuary so notoriously dangerous that not even the most feared criminals on the planet would dare step inside - unless they have a serious death wish.

Which brings us to this week’s first pair of gifted producers, EH!DE and Soltan. The former is a battle-tested veteran of the EDM game, whereas the latter is somewhat fresh to this filthy bass music universe. No matter though, because when these two crafty bastards made the executive decision to bash their brains together, the outcome was guaranteed to be pure insanity. The hazardous drops in “Going To FAK” don’t just leave a lasting impression, they literally scar you for life. Don’t buy what I’m selling? Well, perhaps you need to let your ears make that decision.

9. Hexsonic - Elegy

My hopes for Hexsonic are so high that it is straight up stupid. Having said that, once you get a dose of this dude’s one-of-a-kind sound, you’ll find yourself back at the pharmacist counter begging for an instant refill. Hopefully your prescription for heavy bass is as generous as mine, because we’ve still got eight more tracks to process after this doozy. Speaking of this doozy, “Elegy” could very well be considered one of this producer’s most rambunctious compositions to date. I’ve always admired Hexsonic’s ability to create something completely outside of the norm, but even I had to do a major double take upon hearing these walloping drops for the first time. This musician’s drive is relentless, that much is beyond obvious.

8. AFK - Heisenberg VIP

For all the dirtiest dubstep drop loyalists out there, your day has finally come. You’ve waited patiently, bided your time, and tried to keep your mouth shut for as long as humanly possible, but that all ends right here, right now. Why you ask? Well, what answer can I give you that won’t sound infinitely better coming out of the mouth of Heisenberg himself? Bryan Cranston, the actor of Breaking Bad fame, has become synonymous with AFK ever since the original version of this song surfaced. Adding some flesh to this decaying dubstep skeleton, the drops in this VIP rendition are so malicious that they would pickpocket the Pope without so much as a second thought. Wow, that’s downright twisted. AFK only cooks up that top-shelf kind of bass music.

7. Dodge & Fuski vs. Virtual Riot - Alien

There are collaborations, and then there is whatever the hell you call a tune that gets viciously molested by the likes of Dodge & Fuski and Virtual Riot. I apologize for the graphic statement folks, but drops of this nature demand that I do it. If not for my own sake, then definitely for yours. Shifting our sights back towards the all-mighty “Alien,” this aural asteroid is on a direct collision course with your sound system and there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it. And honestly, why would you want to? Dubstep doesn’t get any bigger, badder, or better than this tag team effort. I mean, for those of you unable to get jiggy with this fatty jam, you should probably just hang up your dance pants and toss in the towel. Oh, and before I forget, please feel free to burst into uncontrollable laughter when these two gentlemen bust out the pots and pans at the 1:15 mark. It’s genuinely genius.

6. Jayceeoh - Turn Me Up Some (Ft. Redman & Jay Psar) (Algo Remix)

Algo might not be the tallest character in our dubstep corral, but judging from the immense strides he continues to take, you never would’ve guessed it. The #ShortGang soothsayer has been turning his dreams into a reality for a good minute now and in case you hadn’t been made entirely aware, grimy drops are kind of his specialty. With his much-anticipated Real Life EP due out on Firepower Records fairly soon, it felt like an ideal opportunity to get y’all warmed-up for the madness in store.

That’s where his remix of “Turn Me Up Some” comes into play. Between the brash blasts of bass, expertly-placed Redman vocal samples, and a song structure that clashes against all conventional wisdom, these nasty drops are clearly a rare specimen, meant to be cherished. Algo doesn’t desire anybody’s approval, but you’d be wise to give it to him anyways.

5. Haunta - Omega

The Suicide Anthem EP has been slicing jugulars right and left. Think you can avoid the bloodshed? Not likely. One quick glance over the four speaker-shredders on this release will tell you just about everything you need to know about this emerging producer. He’s hungry for success - and no matter what obstacles are thrown his way, this musician manages to overcome them effortlessly. “Omega” is one of those tracks that you would be foolish to underestimate. These drops don’t just slam, they slaughter. Haunta is more than happy to add your name to his rapidly growing hit list, there’s plenty of available space. Trust me.

4. Midnight Tyrannosaurus - The Chosen

Whenever I cue up new Midnight Tyrannosaurus, I become instantly overwhelmed with the urge to sprint outside and rip every single lamp post, mailbox, and street sign clean out of the ground. Truth be told, I’m not exactly a strong dude, but this producer’s burly drops consistently make me feel like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. As for “The Chosen,” this swampy swashbuckler of a beat lurks around the deepest depths of everything dark. Give Jason Figlioli some credit, because it doesn’t look like this dubstep dinosaur will be joining the endangered species list anytime soon.

3. Acting Damage x Aweminus - Frenzy

Here’s two dudes that dominate the top of the dubstep alphabet. On top of that, they also appear poised to dominate the future of the bass music scene in general. Acting Damage has racked up so many casualties with his deadly bangers that I stopped keeping track months ago. Aweminus, on the other hand, has ascended through the ranks at such an unbelievable rate that it makes my head spin like a damn dreidel when I think about it. By the time I was fully able to wrap my head around this humongous collaboration, my eardrums had already been smashed to bits. As the drops in “Frenzy” clobber you from all angles, every ounce of oxygen is drained from your body. Cling on to your last breath - make it a good one.

2. Megalodon & Virtual Riot - Fatal Fist Punch

I’ve never experienced a fatal fist punch, nor am I particularly eager too. Okay, all that funny stuff aside, this dancefloor champion from Megalodon and Virtual Riot has to be one of the rudest tunes that I’ve heard in a good long while. Packing the fury of a harsh right hook, each chaos-breeding drop unleashes wave upon wave of incomparable destruction. The aftermath is unbearable. Burning buildings, torn-up streets, people frantically running and screaming in every direction, you asked for it. Now deal with the consequences.

1. SKisM & Trampa - Black Hole

Sound design much? That’s all I have to say about any music from Trampa. Teaming up with the NSD bossman, aka SKisM, these two brave souls have assembled a track forged only from the finest materials. Please make sure your body is located at least 50 feet away from your speakers when this song begins blaring, because anything closer can (and will) result in permanent hearing loss. These drops don’t care who you are, what you’ve done, or why you’re here, they’re just 100% focused on crushing your body like a trash compactor. What goes in the “Black Hole,” never comes out.

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