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EDM.com Spotlight

The First Signs Of A Burning Man On Mars Have Been Detected

After news of NASA's first discovery of liquid flowing water on present-day Mars, showing that life on the red planet may be possible, another exciting new development has arisen. Well, it's not so much a development as it is an idea... but it's so epic, we had to share.

Facebook users Gregor Graciano and Sarah Brodsky launched a Facebook event titled "Burning Mars 2026" with the short but poignant following description and already 12k having RSVP'd "going." Their proposition is not just a 2-week long gathering like the famed Burning Man event, but a permanent new settlement that would be governed by radical ways of thinking and living.

Before you internet police get in a tizzy about why we're reporting on a simply Facebook event, let's just remember that a) This is meant to make all of you futuristic dreams smile and b) Is it not exciting to think that our progressive, counterculture communities may be the the ones to bridle in ideas that are literally out of this world?

So calm your comment-condemning fingers and give your keyboard a rest. It's okay to have a little fun with the internet now and again. And hey... Burners can dream, too!

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