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EDM.com Spotlight

Avicii Releases Self-Directed Videos For 'Pure Grinding' & 'For A Better Day'

After releasing a statement Wednesday that he would be postponing his remaining performances for the year, Avicii dropped two music videos for his new singles "Pure Grinding" and "For A Better Day." The videos are directed by Avicii himself and were part of the reason that the producer decided to take a "much deserved break."

The videos explore a darker side to Avicii's work, touching on themes of human trafficking, bank robbery, capitalism as modern slavery, and vigilante murder.

"Pure Grinding" contrasts the lives of two different people as they struggle to move up in a capitalist society, while "For A Better Day" features a gruesome killing spree and a twist ending that will tug at your moral compass.

Check out Avicii's two self-directed music videos below...

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