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Borgore Releases New Track 'Forbes' Featuring G-Eazy

Last week Borgore teased the release of an upcoming song titled "Forbes." The song hit Soundcloud today and features rapper G-Eazy, who lays down lyrics in celebration of making it into the famous business magazine.

In a quote, Borgore talks about the song's celebratory subject matter.

I’m blessed I made it to Forbes. I hope this track will get me and G on the cover.

The track features G-Eazy's ghostly rapping over massive trap beats with blaring dubstep basslines and cinematic horns fit for a villain's grand entrance. "Forbes" exhibits a high quality mix of slimey bass and low-riding trap beats that serves as the perfect backing for G-Eazy's rhymes.

Listen to "Forbes" below...

[H/T: XXLMag]

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