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Dillon Francis Forced To Remove Music From Soundcloud

Dillon Francis took to twitter today to clear the air via a series of tweets regarding the takedown of his recent remix for Madeon's "Imperium" from his Souncloud account. In the tweets he reveals that the track was taken off at Sony's insistence.

He further mentioned that Madeon, who was forced by his label Sony to remove his entire catalogue from Soundcloud earlier in the year, had nothing to do with the takedown.

He clarifies that although the remix helps to promote Madeon's original mix of the track, the label views Soundcloud as cutting into their bottom line as they don't make any direct money from Souncloud plays.

It's a sad day for Dillon's Soundcloud, but in an additional tweet the producer stated that his own music will remain on the music streaming service indefinitely. At least we can still enjoy the remix on Youtube.

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