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Kygo Releases New Tune, Surprises Fans With An Additional Free Remix

Kygo is on fire right now. And because of his recent escalating success, the producer wanted to give back to his fans. Not only did he release the new version of his Ultra Miami anthem - now with vocals from UK singing sensation Ella Henderson - but the Norwegian producer and musician unleashed a brand new remix for free, as well.

Kygo posted a teaser to Souncloud yesterday of the new version of his Ultra Miami anthem "Here For You" now featuring Ella Henderson on vocals. The song was also heard as an ID on an Apple Music commercial, but as a solo piano performance.

The updated version features catchy piano riffs transposed onto Kygo's signature tropical flute sounds, as Ella Henderson soulfully sings the refrain that serves as the song's title. The addition of Henderson takes this track to the next level as the chart-topping UK singer and protégé of Simon Cowell brings a beautiful energy and jazziness that hits you right in the feels.

The track is already taking charts by storm as it soared to number 14 in the UK and is coming in at number 7 on iTunes. It's only fitting that Kygo would receive instant acclaim a support as his fans have been savoring every release and will - no doubt - be more than pleased with this special double release.

Grab your copy of this soulful new number, which officially released today on iTunes today, here.

The new remix Kygo is offering up to fans for free to make this a special double release for free is a reinterpretation of Of Monsters And Men's "Dirty Paws."

Kygo gives the song a tropical overhaul complete with upbeat percussion, pan flutes, and the catchy vocal melodies from the original. It's a top notch re-work from an artist who built a name for himself out of his remixes.

Listen to Kygo's remix of "Dirty Paws" below...

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