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EDM.com Spotlight

Steve Aoki Teams Up With Tyga To Throw World's Biggest Pizza Party

Steve Aoki will help host the World's Largest Pizza Festival tomorrow at a nine-acre mansion in Beverly Hills, set to feature performances from 2 Chainz and Tyga. The event is being organized by First Slice Media and will include appearances from celebrities and more than 400 models. In addition to pizza eating contests the event will feature sumo wrestling, carnival games, and of course tons and tons of pizza.

First Slice Media co-founder Brandon Hampton revealed that he has high hopes the pizza party will have a global social media impact.

"This event is really the first of its kind. We didn't just book a headliner and cross our fingers hoping that it works like most people do. Our guest list rivals the Grammys and our results will speak for themselves. We'll have over 200,000,000 followers worth of social media reach in attendance, and we foresee the total reach of this event to be over a half a billion people. I'm excited."

If you're going to be in the Beverly Hills area tomorrow afternoon and have a spare $1,000 lying around, you can purchase tickets here.

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