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Indie Rock Band Florence + The Machine Covers 'Where Are U Now' [VIDEO]

As one of the biggest hits of the summer, Jack Ü and Justin Bieber's "Where Are Ü Now" continues to receive praise not only through radio plays and sales but through remix from several artists of different genres and styles. Today, BBC Radio 1 released a video of English indie rock band Florence + The Machine's new cover of the hit single.

Formed in 2007, Florence + The Machine, led by vocalist Florence Welch, stole the spotlight and the the UK charts with their 2009 debut album Lungs. They've captured the hearts of indie, pop and unsuspecting fans of other genres with their emotionally affecting music and Welch's distinct vocals.

It was only appropriate for BBC to record and premiere Florence + the Machine performing a cover of one of the biggest song's of the year. The group owes part of their success to the fact that BBC supported them early on.

See the indie group perform what may be the best cover of "Where Are Ü Now" so far below...

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