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Oliver Heldens Drops New HI-LO Edit, Talks New Collabs & Upcoming Projects

Oliver Heldens got together with Music Times for a recent interview to discuss his new HI-LO moniker, his upcoming projects and producing on the road.

Oliver Heldens talks about life on the road, and explains why he has no problem creating new tracks on the road.

"For me there is no problem. Sometimes to work something out there is a problem because sometimes you need to give your ears a rest and then use the day to tweak a lot of stuff. That is something I don't have a lot of time for, but the track itself is easy. Also the thing is with producing, it is about inspiration. When I am touring, I don't have much time. So when I am on a plane or in a hotel, I can bounce my ideas from my head to my computer. Some tracks that I play live are tracks that I started on tour and finished on tour. Of course there are small things I finish in my home studio, but that is it. For me the situation is perfect. I am from the new generation where I learned producing on really small screens with headphones and that is it."

Heldens discusses the HI-LO project and how it differs from tracks produced under his own name.

"What is am working on working on right now with HI-LO is more steamtrain tracks. I don't want to say techno. For example I am very inspired by drum n bass. Within drum n bass you can many different sounds like liquid drum n bass which is very mellow. You can have really dark stuff or heavy, dubstep-influenced drum n bass. Then you also have some techno-influenced drum n bass. So a lot of my new stuff is very techno influenced. With Oliver Heldens I am really excited by nu-disco kind of vibes. I don't want to call it indie-dance, but it is kind of like that label. It is kind of a cross over between UK house, nu-disco and indie-dance. I am working on that stuff with Oliver Heldens at the moment and also some really housey stuff because my favorite kind of stuff is club tracks."

The Dutch producer explains why he decided to reveal he was behind the HI-LO project quickly, instead of keeping fans guessing.

"It was really quickly indeed. It was because of the label actually. The first HI-LO track was on Mad Decent and luckily it gained a lot of buzz on the first release. The second release was on my own label. Because of the buzz around the first release, we decided it was better if we announced at the same time that it would be more then just a label or just an alias. It would be like 'whoa Oliver Heldens is doing next level stuff with his career.' 'Renegade Mastah' did extremely well and I am very happy with that. The alias is like a new world, not because I have been producing it for a long time, but rather because I can finally put it out. It is great to see in my Oliver Heldens sets that the HI-LO stuff works. Of course there are some similarities, but Oliver Heldens is based on its catchy melody. HI-LO also big bass lines but has completely different way of building a track."

Lastly, Heldens reveals his upcoming music projects.

"For my songs with Knife Party and The Magician separately, I just went into the studio with them and we didn't finish those. The Tiësto one is actually finished. This month I am releasing my rework of Da Hool 'Meet Her At The Love Parade.' The cool thing about that track is that it is a crossover between Oliver Heldens and HI-LO. It is really drum n bass influenced."

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