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EDM.com Spotlight

Tommy Trash Drops 'Wake The Giant' Remixes From Andrew Rayel & Jordy Dazz

Tommy Trash's classic progressive house track "Wake The Giant" has received its own remix pack, featuring two brand new re-works from Andrew Rayel and Jordy Dazz, released through Armada Music.

Jordy Dazz fills his remix with growing synth parts, banging percussion and booming big room drops that pack a punch, while accentuating JHart's soaring vocals with cavernous sound design in the builds.

Andrew Rayel's new version focuses more on melodic content, with entrancing synthesized melodies, dazzling arpeggios, and emotive chord progressions. Neither remix strays two far from the original version, maintaining the high octane energy while infusing their own personal style into the track.

Listen to the remixes below, and then head here to purchase the collection.

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