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Deadmau5 Talks New Music, Studio Progress & Twitter Antics [AUDIO]

Deadmau5 got together with award-winning radio DJ Zane Lowe on Beats1 yesterday to talk about the studio he's building, his plan for his new music and what he describes as "anti-social media."

When asked about his current musical escapades, deadmau5 explains why fans shouldn't expect anything new in the near future.

"I'm honestly not gonna lie, I haven't really been very active with music lately. I moved into a new house in November, and a lot of that time was getting all my stuff in here and getting set up... We're also building a new studio in here, which is about three quarters done right now... In the meantime, I've been cooking up some schemes for that glorious day the last nail goes in, I can get in there and get to work. It will be a very lonely winter."

Talking about his role on twitter as an anti-social media star, the Canadian producer explains his outlook on the service.

"Twitter, to me, it's like a video game. You play it."

The producer concludes the interview, stating that to him, social media is just business.

"I don't and I never will consider a social media outlet to be representative of me..."

Listen to the full interview below...

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