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Porter Robinson Discusses Festival Fatalities, Remix Album & More

Porter Robinson sat down with Billboard to discuss the Worlds Remixed companion album he announced yesterday. The producer also touched on the possibility of pop collaborations, and addressed the issue of drug-related deaths at EDM festivals.

Robinson discussed his recently announced Worlds Remixed album, and reveals his favorite remix out of the collection.

"There are a lot of special moments on this remix album. I think my favorite remains the Mat Zo one. It's someone I've collaborated with in the past. To get him on remix duty -- to me, that's heavy-duty."

He explains his excitement regarding the release, giving people the opportunity to revisit the Worlds album that made a stir in the EDM scene last year.

"I think it's great to put the album in front of people again and remind people about some of these songs and to get to showcase a bunch of artists who I'm enthusiastic about. That's the best, and also I just like associating myself with things I think are good and to be able to take a list of my favorite musicians and say, "Hey, do something that is slightly collaborative," that is so great."

Fans shouldn't be expecting Robinson to release a collaboration with an A-list pop star anytime soon as some of his contemporaries have done, as the young producer stated that it's not a top priority in terms of his career goals.

"As far as your triple-A pop stars go, I like Taylor Swift and I like Rihanna, and I can say in an interview, "Yeah, sure, I would do that anonymously" -- but that's not going to happen. I've got a hundred thousand things on my mind that are taking precedence over trying to make pop collaborations. It might be interesting to people to say that I would do something with Taylor Swift, but the reality is, it's so not on my list of things to do."

Lastly, Robinson discussed festival fatalities, saying that he believes EDM has developed a stigma and that we need to analyze statistics from all festivals before we pin EDM with this disrepute.

"I just want the truth about it, because if the reality is that electronic music festivals are significantly more dangerous than other festivals, then something should be done about it, and that warrants conversation. But it definitely bothers me these kinds of decisions are being made on reputation alone."

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