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EDM.com Spotlight

Zedd Officially Releases Contest Winner's 'I Want You To Know' Remix

Zedd took to Twitter today to announce that the winning remix from his contest with Guitar Center is now available for purchase through Interscope Records.

"I was blown away when I heard the Scout remix! It's super musical, sonically really interesting, very unique and has everything I'm looking for when I'm looking for a remix to sign! BIG fan of it... In fact, the track impressed me so much that I brought it to my label and I'm excited to announce that it's going to be released on Interscope!" - Zedd

Scout, real name Ty Acord, is a producer originally based out of Seattle who now lives in Los Angeles, making what he describes as "soulful RnB influenced electronic music and hip hop."

His remix of "I Want You To Know" features mellow beats, sprawling synth chords, and soulful vibes. Scout's remix was chosen by Zedd himself out of over 13,000 submissions, and the life-changing prize package which includes high profile meetings, new gear, studio time and a cash prize - is set to launch his career as an up-and-coming producer. Congrats, Scout!

Check out Scout's remix below, and then snag your own copy of the winning track here.

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