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3LAU Discusses Upcoming Music, Working With Charity & More [EXCLUSIVE]

It's near impossible to call yourself a "club-goer" in NYC today if you've never been to Pacha Nightclub on West 46th and 11th Ave. A close relative to the renowned Ibiza nightclub, this venue has served as one of the premier locations for EDM-lovers in NYC since its launch in 2005, and it demonstrated its true legacy and value to the scene by hosting Electric Zoo's first Official After Party last weekend.

Sponsored by Crave and Vitamin Water, the venue provided performances by a pristine collection of talent including Riggi & Piros, Prince Fox, and its special headliner 3LAU.

Brooklynite Lestat initiated the night's festivities with a dazzling selection of progressive house originals and remixes, and although I was unfamiliar with the name at first, his talent behind the decks proved worthy of the legendary stage at which he inhabited.

Following Lestat's hard-hitting set came the Los Angeles duo Bee's Knees, who buzzed their way right into the speakers and pollenated the crowd with their groovy tropical and disco-influenced sound. These two opening acts served as the perfect trendsetters for the night's main attractions, as the diverse stream of sound created a unique platform for the rest of the night's performers.

Once Bee's Knees set came to a close, the crowd reveled and yelled as the New Jersey twosome Riggi & Piros began their performance. Undoubtedly "hitting the ground running" in order to build hype for the rest of the evening, the energy was crisp and at the forefont of their entire set, which made me extra thankful for the abundance of free Vitamin Water bottles present at the show.


Posted by Riggi & Piros on Sunday, September 6, 2015

Just when the crowd seemed as if they couldn't dance any harder, Riggi & Piros made way for the king of hard-hitting dancefloor anthems, New York-born 3LAU. Coming off of a slew of new music, as well as a jaw-dropping music video with frequent collaborator Emma Hewitt, the 24-year-old's performance showcased a unique side of the festival-headliner mainstay, demonstrating that genre-specific sets are truly going "out-of-style."

His broad range of house, trap, dubstep and other melodic-yet-bass-filled track selections kept his crowd guessing and celebrating at each and every drop, which is a talent that is often overlooked in today's saturated scene. From his festival performance to his nightclub set that same evening, 3LAU proved that it doesn't matter if you're performing in front of 8,000 people or 800... hard-work and respect to the art of DJing can illuminate a performance better than any stage production or pyrotechnic ever could.

Check out our exclusive backstage interview with 3LAU where he discusses new music, working with more charities and his secrets to success:

3LAU ended his set on quite the high note, which allowed Brooklyn's own Prince Fox to "flip the switch" so to speak and bring out the sub-terranean sounds of the ever-growing "deep house" and "bass house" niches in today's scene.

Known for uniting the catchy elements found in pop music with the fundamental frequencies of a groovy and deep jam, this growing artist served as the perfect transition and closing performer for the show. Prince Fox played everything from radio-friendly hits to soundtracks of the underground, and it kept the crowd bouncing and moving until the last drink was served.

Check out his latest track "Smoke Filled Room", co-produced with MAKO below:

After a long night of dynamic performances from an eclectic collection of up-and-coming and established artists, Electric Zoo's first Official After Party sponsored by Crave and Vitamin Water was one for the books. Be sure to check out Crave for more in-depth reviews of the weekend!

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