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Disclosure Opens Up About High Profile Collabs On New Album Caracal

Just a few weeks before the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album Caracal, UK duo Disclosure got together with Entertainment Weekly to discuss their high profile collaborators on the album.

Howard explains their process working with superstar vocalist Lorde on "Magnets" and how they got the songwriting juices flowing.

"When Lorde came in, I had this idea about writing about the phrase “the point of no return,” and originally that was going to be the name of the song. We didn’t know how we were going to use that, because that can be used in a lot of different ways—flying, or boating or whatever. Ella came up with the idea of using it in the sense of if you’re attracted to someone you shouldn’t be for moral reasons, and then you tell them, then you’ve gone past the point of no return."

Guy describes their experience recording with The Weeknd in Alicia Key's New York studio.

"We wrote that here, in New York. It’s the only tune we wrote outside of London. I don’t know if it sounds New Yorky, but it definitely has a different feel. We wrote and recorded it in Alicia Keys’ studio, which has got the most amazing panoramic view of Manhattan ever. The sun was going down and it was such a lovely vibe—that definitely informed the lyrics a little bit, and the vibe of driving around late and night, and it’s getting dark, and the beat’s pretty slow. Abel was loving it. We were all feeling that vibe and just let it flow. And it’s f—ing long, isn’t it? It’s like nothing we’ve made before."

Lastly, they discuss working with Sam Smith on their recent single "Omen" from the album.

"I think we were all more eager to do it this time. Last time, we thought Sam was a great singer, but we never met him. We didn’t know if he was a nice guy or if he was a good writer. We just knew he had a good voice. Whereas this time, we’d written with him before, and he’s our best friend, and we hadn’t seen him in like a f—ing year. We just wanted to get in the room and hang out."

Caracal will be released September 25 and can be pre-ordered here

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