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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch The Documentary On David Guetta & The History Of EDM In Ibiza

BBC released their documentary "David Guetta: Made In Ibiza" back in July, but it was only available to UK viewers. As of today, however, the it's finally available for US fans to check out on Youtube. The 18-minute short film sees BBC's Danny Howard join David Guetta for a special tour around the White Isle as the French EDM megastar recounts his journey coming up as a DJ as well as the island's evolution into a dance music mecca.

Howard and Guetta visit the island's signature clubs and beaches, as well as the places where Guetta worked during his earliest days as an aspiring DJ. From the club where he had his first gig to the beaches where he used to promote his shows, the documentary covers all of the Ibiza ground that shaped Guetta's now long-standing DJ career.

Travel to Ibiza yourself to hear the full story by watching the 18-minute documentary below...

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